for UK festival goers. Mise en scène : Benjamin Nakache. A standout weekend in the UK festival calendar, the August bank holiday is synonymous with the rock giant that is Reading Leeds. Reading has been making it its own since 1961, evolving from a purely rock festival into a more eclectic force, welcoming artists from the worlds of RnB, electronic and hip-hop to join its huge lineup of rock legends. If you follow us and youre reading this then you have. Fri Oct 06 2017 at 07:00. The Stoller Hall, The Stoller Hall, Hunts Bank, Manchester, United Kingdom. Friday Like You've Earned it, revolution Parsonage Gardens, Arkwright House, Parsonage Gardens, Manchester, United Kingdom Fri Oct 06 2017 at 03:00 pm Glinka School of Music The Stoller Hall, The Stoller Hall, Hunts Bank, Manchester, United. Playing in a band, on stages to lots of people, confidently and passionately without a single indication of suffering. Inscrivez-vous à la newsletter Citizen Kid et recevez nos meilleurs bons plans! Fri Oct 06 2017 at 08:00. Fri Oct 06 2017 at 07:30. You will know someone affected by mental health, and every single one of you has certainly met someone affected, in-fact. Luckily, I have music and that is just one of my coping mechanisms and Im grateful to be able to compose something to express myself. A song about someone struggling with mental health, anxiety depression to be precise, visually; a brief representation of their (frequent) day to day struggles and concerns, if even just a simple walk to the shops (a lot of illnesses. Musique, humour et magie, le Capitaine Chewing transforme le public en une bande de petits moussaillons. Arch 54/56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester, United Kingdom Fri Oct 06 2017 at 05:00 pm Fri Oct 06 2017 at 05:00 pm Cardio Barre Pilates Gillies Mar-Jan Stage School, 100 Chorley Road, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. Progress is being made and people are slowly but surely developing a more in-depth understanding as to what its like to suffer from something, sometimes so silent. Le capitaine vous conte la vie des matelots, les légendes qui entourent les plus grands pirates. Besides the music, the weekender also hosts a vast selection of comedy and film to help you reenergise between artists such as Metallica, Arctic Monkeys, Royal Blood and more, who have all played the festival in recent years.

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